Hillsboro Club Wedding

Hillsboro Club Wedding Goes Crazy in the Photo Booth!

Really loving this crazy photos at this recent Hillsboro Club Wedding recently. We recently updated our prop collection which is really making for some fun moments. They are creative designs printing on a thick pvc material with a matte finish. Perfect for no showing glare when the flash hits it. Remember if you ever make your own props to not use anything with a shine in it. The more uncoated a finish the better. This couple brought their own giant retro tv prop which matched the bridesmaids dresses perfectly. So much fun! We love renting our our photo booth for weddings at the Hillsboro Club. They have the most ideal location and setup for planning a beautiful wedding day experience. This couple went with a champaign sequin backdrop which always comes out perfect in the photos. If you enjoyed this go check out the Rose Gold Villa Woodbine Wedding Photo Booth Extravaganza.

Hillsboro Club WeddingHillsboro Club WeddingHillsboro Club Wedding Photo BoothHillsboro Club WeddingHillsboro Club WeddingHillsboro Club Wedding Photo BoothHillsboro Club Wedding

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