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Make Your Event Remarkable & Rent Photo Booth from Photog Booth

Don’t just plan your next event and not think of getting a photo booth. Make sure you Rent Photo Booth! Photobooth’s have been the hottest rave these days at just about every party. Lets face it, people love taking pictures of themselves! We live in a selfie kind of generation where you can’t go far without seeing someone taking a picture of themselves on their iPhone.

Our company exists to capture every moment and make your event remarkable. We do that by offering the highest quality, open air photo booths around. What ever image that comes to your mind right now about a photobooth you better think twice! The Photog Booth is very different and like nothing else out there. We are a local South Florida based photo booth rental company but not just any picture renting company. We were founded by professional photographers and designers that set out to reclaim photo booths and make them amazingly better.

So whether your event is happening in Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale or Miami we highly encourage you to rent a photo booth from us. We offer insanely great image quality, state of the art image editing filters, professional high-end gear, designer made templates and REALLY awesome backdrops like you’ve never seen before! Our open air sleek presentation will look good at any event. It’s not one of those old school closed in or inflatable booths. This thing is legit.

Let’s face it you put a lot of time and money into making your event memorable for your guests. Renting a photo booth is the easiest way for your guests to look back and remember the great times they had. It’s simple and very cost effective. Plus our goal isn’t to just remember the event. We desire for people to talk about the event and tell all their friends how much fun they had. Our social sharing technology allows you to instantly spread the images or GIF’s on just about any social platform. Our photo booth’s connect directly to the internet and allow our guests to grab their images seconds after taking them. And to top it off their getting an unlimited amount of prints. We have no limit to our sessions. Once you rent a booth for your guests its like open bar. We’ll just keep serving your people all night long.

We have several designer made templates to choose from that can be easily customizable to personalize your printout. The printout strips have become the new guest favor at a wedding. So instead of thinking of a clever favor to give your guests just let them take home their print strips. It beats giving them a bag of mints. It has all the personalized information for them to look back and remember your event. Or better yet remember the people they love spending time with the most.

There are plenty of other ways you can make it extra special and personalized. We have simple add on’s like custom branded envelopes, scrapbooks, albums and pictures frames. That way they can slip their prints into something a bit more fancy. The options are truly endless! So what are you waiting for? Give it a go and book yourself a Photog Booth and your people will be talking about it for years and years to come.

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