What is an “Open-Air” Photo Booth?
An open-air photo booth means you don’t have to squeeze inside a closed-in booth. Instead the open-air concept allows you to comfortably fit large groups of people and quickly get more people in and out of the booth providing you with more fun memories at the end of the night.


How do our photo booths work?
Grab some friends, pick up a few props, stand in front of the backdrop, touch screen to start, see yourself live on the screen, take a series of hilarious photos, print out your photos and/or share instantly via Email, Text or Social Media.


How many photos can we take?
There is no limit to the amount of photos taken. Your guests will be given an unlimited amount of sessions within the amount of time your photo booth is running at the event.


How long does printing take?
Its pretty fast! After a photo session is complete it only takes about 10 seconds for each print to come out.


How many people can fit in the open-air photo booth?
Up to 6 people fit comfortably but the record now stands at 18!


Do you provide props?
Yes, we can provide a variety of fun props for your event. To personalize your event and keep things different you could also: Bring your own props, Order a custom collection of props from us or choose to not have any props whatsoever. It all depends on the type of crowd you have coming.


What are my options for a backdrop?

• Signature Backdrops (FREE)
• Premium Backdrops (Price Varies)
• Custom Backdrops (Custom Quote)
• DIY Backdrop Ideas
• Venue Wall


Does the Photog Booth work for kids?
Yes, the photo booth can be set to a specific height for kids.


How do I reserve my date?
It’s only $100 down to reserve your date. Please begin by filling out the contact form.


What if I want to add more hours?
We offer that option within each package. The price may vary depending on which package you choose.


What is a personalized print?
The personalized print is a pre-designed template that is printed out for the guests after each photo booth session. See our pre-made templates from past events here.


How much venue space is required for the photo booth ?
We require a 9′ x 9′ x 9′ space with a normal (3-pronged) power outlet within 25ft of where the photo booth will be setup.


Can I use the Photog Booth outside?
Currently the Eco Booth is our perfect booth for outdoor events. Because of the design it’s able to withstand the various elements we often face at outdoor events (wind, rain, etc). We take pride in providing our clients with the best experience possible. To meet our high standards 100% of the time we require our Photog Booth and Classy Booth to be for indoor use only.


Do you offer Social Sharing?
Yes! The booth itself is equipped to share via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (available upon request). However, most clients prefer to Email or Text the images directly to a personal device and then share it on their favorite Social Channel. If you’re really interested in sharing the images at your event, consider adding the Social Kiosk for better traffic flow.


Do you travel outside of South Florida?
We cover all locations for FREE within Miami-Dade County, Broward County and Palm Beach County. Traveling fees may apply for locations outside this region. Please inquire for more details.