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See What Famous Celebrities Crashed This Miami Photo Booth Wedding

Some of the most wild things make it into our Miami Photo Booth but this one really TOPS it out for us! We recently had a few celebrities crash this wedding and look who decided to show up!!! 🙂 Michael Jackson!!! Say What!!!! Ok… Well maybe its look alike model but they also brought a couple other famous celebrity photobooth masks to go along with it. Like Donald Trump, Justin Bieber, Janet Jackson… What a great idea this one bride had to print out the faces of celebrities. The Michael Jackson impersonator was seriously the best! Forget the Hora Loca stepping in the Miami photobooth. Think BIG next time and hire an actor/actress to crash your Miami photo booth party. It will seriously be the biggest hit and LOL moment your friends will never forget. It will be the Photobuzz photo booth of the year! Ok I’ll stop! But seriously, just printing some faces of people or pets you love could be a great addition. Especially if they couldn’t make it to your wedding. And its super cheap. Just make sure to print our on thick non-shiny material so you don’t pick up the glare from our extremely nice Photog Booth lighting.

Check out the Miami Photo Booth madness below:

michael jackson photo boothjustin bieber photo boothphoto booth miami

More to come on this Thalatta Estate wedding above.

We also couldn’t help but share some other wild photo booth Miami pics of people having a great time. The later it gets the more blackmail pics our photobooth captures. Then as the night really gets late it just gets absurd. People are hilarious and they love making good memories. Its a great way to bring out the best in your friends. So the next time you get a photo booth rental in Miami make it the Photog Booth.

rusty pelican weddingMargaritaville Hollywood Beach Weddingcrazy miami photobooth

Dig this photo booth backdrop? Feel free to rent one from us for your next event. We also collected several awesome Photo Booth Backdrops for your inspiration on this Pinterest Board.

biltmore wedding photobooth

Loved this one from a recent Biltmore Miami Wedding in Coral Gables.

pizza photoboothmiami photo boothphotobooth miami

If you’re shopping around for a cheap photo booth rental please stop. Not all booths are created equal (here are a few photo booth tips). Especially when you get photo booth rental in Miami. It’s just not the place you want to take your chances. Ask any used car dealer down south, they will tell you. 🙂  Photo Booth rentals in South Florida can range from next to nothing to over the top ridiculous! So make sure you do your homework. Compare sites, read REAL reviews, speak to them on the phone and get a second opinion from a friend. We’ve heard far too many photo booth fails. If you want the best rent a photo booth from the Photog Booth. We won’t let you down!

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