Photo Booth Props

We provide a variety of fun photo booth props for your event. You can see some examples of them below. To personalize your event and keep things looking different you could also:


1. Bring your own set of props


2. Let us create a custom collection of props


3. Choose to not have any props whatsoever


It all depends on the type of crowd you have coming. We know some props can be cheesy so we try to curate our collection with unique looking props that match a wide range of events. We’re always restocking on new props and getting rid of old ones to keep things looking fresh. If you want us to include the photo booth props but leave some out for your event the attendant will gladly keep the ones you don’t care for hidden from your guests.


At the end of the day, photo booth props are not necessary. Sometimes people are able to be the most creative and hilarious without them. It all depends what type of event you’re having and the type of people who are attending.